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Seth Jared HymesSeth Jared Hymes is know for creating the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint, an online course that teaches people how to aquire in demand digital marketing skills and leverage them into job, even if they have no previous experience or degree.

Since 2016, his program has helped thousands of people from around the world start a career in digital marketing. You may have seem some of the many in depth reviews from Seth’s course, like this one from Tim Tran of Austin, Texas.


Seth Jared Hymes Review by Tim Tran

Many people don’t know that Seth Jared didn’t begin his career in marketing. He actually started out pursuing a passion for film.

Long Before the Digital Career Blueprint

Growing up, Seth Jared Hymes loved watching movies. At age 17, he took a course called on video production and discovered the joy of making funny videos for his friends and classmates.

In fact this is one of his earliest videos, made in the mid 1990s . It was a riff on a popular TV commercial at the time, one where two people in the dark would take out a pack of Lifesavers and say, “Did you know if you bite into a Lifesavers candy in the dark it makes a spark?” This was Seth’s take.

The video was made with only 1 shot and a cutaway to a picture of an explosion. Of course, production quality was lacking, especially compared to some of his more recent projects like this one:

Driven by his passion, he applied to and was accepted into NYU’s prestigious Tisch Film Production Program. The “UT” on the ID stands for Undergraduate of Tisch.

Seth Jared Hymes Old NYU ID

However, he found that the program was highly overrated and lacked any practical guidance on how to actually direct feature films and begin a career.

He Struggled After Graduation

After graduating college, Seth Jared Hymes spent about 10 years trying to figure out how to make a living and support his passion. He waited tables, answered phones, even moved to Hawaii and slept in his car while working as a pizza delivery driver. He continued to write scripts and get video and film production work where he could, but overall life was a struggle.

Seth Discovered Digital Marketing in 2010

In 2010, Seth’s friend Q took him to a marketing seminar. In this seminar, Joel Bauer explained to the audience how they could build a website to share their messages with the internet. This was the first time in Seth’s life he had ever encountered the world of digital marketing.

It was a thrilling moment, and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Why? Because he realized that through digital marketing he could actually connect with millions of other human beings and share his thoughts and ideas.

What do I mean? Well you have to remember what the world was like back in the 2010s. Facebook was just a few years old. Netflix had not created much original content if any. People were still discovering the internet. He learned that when you create a website, you have created a portal to your message, your ideas, your products and services.

And because of the rising power of Google and Facebook, the average person could have their own little website discovered by strangers.

Seth Wrote a Book About Film School

In 2008, frustrated with the lack of practical guidance and support from his college, he wrote the book “Film Fooled” and published it on Lulu.

seth hymes film fooled book

The book explains in detail NYU’s outdated Film Production curriculum (which has not been updated since the late 1960s). Seth’s goal in writing this book was to educate and inform other young filmmakers about this so they would not waste their time and money on film university.

But once he wrote the book, he had absolutely no idea how to promote it.

That is, until he discovered digital marketing.

Seth Learns Search Engine Optimization

Seth began frantically learning everything he could to become a digital marketer. He started a Youtube channel, learned about paid search, ranking in google, and took digital marketing course after digital marketing course to learn more and more skills.

Since Seth was broke, seo was best digital marketing skill for him to pursue. So he build a website called filmschoolsecrets.com and began to write blog posts about film school and filmmaking. This is what the site looked like back in 2011:

Film School Secrets Site 2011

By following the simple advice he’d been given, Seth Jared Hymes began to get traffic from the world’s biggest seach engine, Google! He decided to sell his book on his website, and one day he woke up to discover a stranger had purchased his book online for $30.

Now this was not big money athe time, but was a huge moment in his life. Seth had struggled with employers and jobs in the past, but now he had just made a profit digitally by sharing his own writing and ideas. It was thrilling!

Seth Hymes Creates Film School Secrets

Seth’s inspiration from this small victory was so great, that he decided to create an entirely new online course to help teach aspiring filmmakers what to do instead of wasting their money on a film degree. He called the course “Film School Secrets” and began selling it for $67. It includes detailed guidance on how to get on film sets and network, write scripts, edit, and many of the practical things not taught in university.

Students searching for advice on filmmaking and film school began signing up for his training, and within months he was receiving amazing testimonials from students like this:

Film School Secrets Naomi TestimonialAnd he started earning just a little additional income from sales of the online course, like this:

First Profit Earned Online

Seth Stumbles into His First Digital Marketing Job

Even after a year of trying to learn digital marketing himself, Seth Hymes still wasn’t making that much money, and he was still unemployed. He was forced to take a telemarketing job, grinding it out on the phones 8 hours a day.

One day on his lunch break, he saw a job posting for a position called “Account Technician” – he had no idea what this job was, but the business asked for knowledge of the digital marketing skills he had already learned like SEO, Paid Search, building websites and many other things related to Google.

Seth’s lack of experience did not stop him from applying to the job. He threw together a resume based on his self generated experience, and applied. To his surprise, he received a follow up nearly immedaitely from the CEO of the agency that was hiring for the job.

He was invited to interview and thrilled at the opportunity to do so!

Seth Jared Hymes First Job Digital Marketing Interview

An Unexpected Career in Digital Marketing

After 2 hours of nerding out with the VP and CEO of the agency, he left the interview. Seth had a great time as nobody he knew to that point in his life was as passionate about search engine marketing, google, seo, or affiliate and email marketing. He couldn’t tell them about previous job experience because he didn’t have any.

To his surprise, the VP of the company called and offered him a job in digital marketing the very next week. He was hired at $16/hr, which isn’t a lot but at that time it seemed like a fortune. He no longer had to cold call people to sell them things, wait tables, or answer phones. Instead, he was handed $100K of monthly Google Ad spend to manage!

It was a tremendous responsibility but with the help of the VP of the company and his colleagues, he was soon confident and gaining valuable on the job experience while always expanding his skills.

From $16/Hr to Six Figures a Year

Seth worked at his first agency for about a year and a half, still running his online film school on the side. Then he left and got a new job making $30/hr – almost twice what he had been making previously. By 2014, Seth’s life completely changed when he received his first job offer paying $75,000/YR. With bonuses, this new job would go on to pay more than $100,000 per year.

Seth Hymes Offer Letter

From the very first day, working in digital marketing was unlike any of the other jobs he’d ever worked in his entire life. It wasn’t just about the money. He felt excited and interested in the work, always eager to learn new skills and use them to help his clients. He experience a sense of pride in both the work he did and the respect he recieved from his colleagues and clients, something which many of his students have reported after getting into the field of digital marketing.

Teaching Others About Digital Marketing

After working in the field for several years and managing millions of dollars in ad spend, Seth had an idea. He and his colleagues had always talked about the high demand for people with digital marketing skills and how the majority of people still didn’t know these job even existed.

Seth Jared Hymes knew he could take his experience of trial and error and stumbling into this field and teach other students to do the same. Kind of like what he had done with Film School Secrets.

It was then that he created concept of the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. He wanted to not only teach people general concepts about digital marketing, but how to actual get into that first job like he had.

Digital Marketing Training in Costa Rica?

Seth quit his day job so he could focus on creating the course full time. He took a freelance digital marketing gig with a client in Costa Rica and used his down time in the rainforest to conceptualize the course.

Making Digital Marketing Fun and Easy to Understand

He knew the biggest challening in making effective videos for the course would be making the sophisticated technical concepts and techniques of seo, ppc, and analytics into something digestible that the average person could ingest. Seth never had a technical background – he was an art school graduate, but he loved digital marketing and knew anyone could learn it.

He also knew the demand for skilled workers was so high, that emloyers would be forgiving and excited to meet people who had learned the skills he’d teach in his course.

He wanted some of the spirituality he’d found in Costa Rica to be infused in the course, so he decided to use his film and comedy background and made the course funny, using movie and comedic analogies to help people understand the technical concepts.

Launching the Digital Marketing Blueprint Course

In early 2016, Seth launched his Digital Marketing Career Blueprint and began to promote it. He had modest goals, hoping to reach a couple people a week. But to his suprise, the training caught on very quickly! People were eager to get practical and actionable career advice you could not find in college.

It was exciting for him to see that his students were able to learn digital marketing concepts quickly, perhaps even more quickly than he had, and were the kind of people who too massive action and had positive attitudes.

Early Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Successes

Like with his Film School Secrets course, Seth never had to pursue anyone for reviews. People were so blown away by the fact that they’d actually gotten jobs from the guidance of an online course that they wanted to reach out and explain how much money they were making and how it had changed their life.

Many successful alumni of the his Digital Career Career Blueprint program were college graduates who had been lost and confused before they found the training. Many others didn’t go to college at all, and students come from all walks of life. Here are just a few reviews from the early days:

Seth Jared Course Adnan J Review

Seth Jared Hymes Review Tisha
Davit A Testimonial

5 Years of Changing Lives

As the field of Digital Marketing continued to expand from 2016 to the present, more and more people took Seth’s digital marketing career blueprint and got life changing jobs. He accumulated more genuine reviews and continued to build a vibrant community.

Seth continues to share these success stories and reviews from his course on his Youtube Channel and on his Intagram page. These are just a few more examples:

Seth Jared Ranier Review Seth Jared Hymes Course Review Kayla Echols Ken Choi Seth Jared Review

Check Out Seth’s Movie

In 2017, right when the Digtial Marketing Career Blueprint course was taking off, Seth finally realized his lifelong dream of making a feature film. He and his business partner Adam Ward wrote and produced a comedy called “Wally Got Wasted.”

Seth and Adam didn’t have a lot of money, but thanks to an amazing cast and crew they managed to shoot a movie with over 100 actors and 50 plus locations for less than $100,000! That’s less than the catering budget of most other movies. You can see a trailer for the movie here:

Check Out Seth’s Book

Seth Jared Hymes also fulfilled his dream of writing a book in 2019. He published a revolutionary 300 page guide for young adults called “Skip College for Success.”

The book explains in great details exactly why college is a mistake and educates young people about the need for marketable skills like digital marketing and financialy literacy, knowledge of credit taxes, and budgeting.

Empowering People to Fulfill Their Dreams

One of the best things about digital marketing skills are the many options they give a person. Whereas with most jobs you are stuck in a 9 to 5 office setting, with digital skills like the ones taught in Seth’s course, you can freelance and work on your own schedule, or work remotely. You can use the income you make to support whatever other passions you have. In Seth’s Case it was film.

One of his students, Ashley, got a job in digital marketing working remotely and using her income to support her passion for art. You can see her talk about it here:

Want to Start a Rewarding Remote Career?

There’s never been a better time to make a career pivot into digital marketing, or many other web based skillsets. You can learn digital marketing, coding, UX Design, and many other skills through an online course without paying thousands in tuition at a university. You can get an entry level job by demonstrating your knowldge of these skills.

If you’re looking for guidance and mentorship or an online course, no matter who you decide to work with, make sure to do your research. Get detailed information about the curriculum and methodology behind the course.

A Seth Jared Course Review vs. Other Reviews

One of the best things about the internet is how easily you can access knowledge and information. This wasn’t possiblt twenty years ago. One of the worst things is that it’s hard to know what is trustworthy on the web.

So when researching any online course or training program. I would recommend reading as many reviews and testimonials as possible. Written reviews are good, but on the lookout for a video where you can actually get to know the person sharing their story. Beware of online courses that feature a quick clip of someone talking vaguely about the results they got, or reviews that feature cropped screenshots of messages with no identification.

One of the unique things about Seth’s course is that his video reviews are from people you can actually contact and speak with with Linkedin and Instagram. You can ask them questions about Seth’s course and their experience.

Seth’s Course: The Basics

The basic idea behind Seth’s Course is to give people the basics of what they will need to get an entry level digital marketing job. No more, no less. Unlike many other courses, Seth’s course doesn’t overwhelm people with too much esoteric and theoretical information and also doesn’t skimp on details. It’s a balance between deep concepts of SEO, PPC (Google Ads), Analytics, etc. and making it manageable and digestible.

Once students have learned the basic skills, they are then given projects and instructions on how to generate their own hands on experience. This experience is so much more valuable than classroom learning or theory.

People in Seth’s course are then given detailed instructions on how to take that experience and turn it into a compelling resume, as well as how to connect with companies and hiring managers directly. It is the practial aspects of Seth’s Course that really set it apart and why it has so many great reviews.

Reach Out and Contact Seth

Beyond just the money, Seth shares spiritual, inspirational and motivational insights and messages on social media.

You can click here to watch Seth’s Free Masterclass on beginning a digital marketing career. He explains in much more detail why these jobs are available, what the jobs are, and how it is possible to get an entry level job with no experience.

Check out his Youtube Channel or Instagram page if you’d like to learn more. You can also shoot him an email via the contact form on this site or send him an email directly at seth at digitalcareerblueprint dot com.

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